Get Your Wig on and Be Ready to Party!

Oh, that festive party season…Whether it’s the office party (when you’ve got hardly any time between close of play and setting off for the venue) or it’s a family and/or friends party at someone’s home (worst case scenario: your own), there never seems to be enough time to get properly ready. And those pesky parties continue on into the new year!

You might be one of those people who takes an extra long time to get ‘dressed and tressed’ and is happy to make a dramatically-late entrance. But do you really want to miss out on some of the fun and possibly arrive when everyone is too ‘trollied’ to notice all the effort you’ve made?

So, you’ve chosen your outfit, but now comes the thorny question of your hair. You probably don’t want to rock the same hairstyle you’ve had all day, and if you’ve been in a hot, sweaty workplace (we don’t want to know details, but we know that is bound to be some of you…) your hair won’t be in the best condition and it may be completely ‘un-style-able’.

There’s lots of advice and inspiration out there for an array of party hairstyles – take this selection, from All Things Hair, in the link below:

There are long, silky, styles, shorter and curlier ones, topknots and even a ‘fauxhawk’ (yes, you read that correctly) but, even using some of the products that the site sets out to sell, you may not have time to create a great hairstyle quickly – and you could end up doing some damage to your natural hair if you’re not careful.

As always, Angel Wigs has the answer. We’ve been helping clients to add great hair to their look ever since 2007. And a decade later, we still have a passion for our work. Come and look through our exciting range of wigs and our friendly staff will guide you in finding the right look for your face shape, skin tone and style.

Husbands choosing hairdos

Ladies: would you want your husband to have any say in how you do your hair? At first glance, this sounds like a bonkers idea. It’s one thing for men – many men – to say they have a preference for long hair, or to say they prefer blondes or brunettes. So far, so conventional.

But would you be rash enough to let your husband (or partner) specify exactly how you should do your hair? These brave – foolhardy?  – ladies in the story in the link below, from the Daily Mail website, were game…

The theory is that someone who sees you every day is the best judge of what hairstyle might suit you – and he’ll also know what he finds attractive in you.

The drawback is that some of the husbands have opted to have their wives have drastic ‘chops’ – in other words, there’s no going back in the ‘short term’!

So, OK, you might want to have a frank conversation with your other half about how they would really like your hair to look, but what if it’s vastly different from how you would like to have your hair styled/cut? It’s a no-brainer – opt for a wig!

Angel Wigs is your leading wig supplier/stylist in Essex. We pride ourselves on helping our clients choose wigs they can be proud to wear. We offer a very individual service and we’re experts in finding the best wig for you. So if your husband/partner thinks he’d like to see you with – for example – a rather brightly-coloured crop – we can help you decide whether or not that sort of style would suit you by advising on a choice of wig. And whatever you choose, you’ll know that you haven’t had to do anything drastic to your natural hair – so, all the fun of a new style with none of the worry!

The chop’s the top!

Want to keep up with the trends but don’t want to make a ‘no going back’ decision about your hair? The obvious solution is a wig.

This year, an autumn trend for hair is to go for the chop – something that has to be considered carefully, as a short style can be every bit as difficult (if not more difficult) to maintain as a long one.

Reporting on the new autumn beauty trends in this piece in the Daily Express online – – writer Hannah focuses on the chop. With our natural hair having very likely suffered from exposure to the sun, chlorine and other environmental factors during the summer, a chop can be a useful option.

There are many choices: a sleek bob, a pixie crop, a new, fashionable textured bob. But the one thing they all have in common is that you’ll lose some hair with no quick way to remedy this – and there’s nothing worse than seeing your locks all over the hairdresser’s floor when you’re still not sure how the results will look.

How much less scary would it be to opt for a wig? And here at Angel Wigs it doesn’t even have to be a cropped style in the first place. Our wide range of mid-length and medium wigs come in straight, wavy or curly styles. At our friendly salon we’ll guide you in choosing a wig in a style and colour that will complement your features. And the extra length that comes with a mid-length wig allows it to be turned into a range of styles, such as choppy layers or feathered-in around your face.

Come to Angel Wigs for a no-tears transformation to your look.

Princess Diana’s Crowning Glory

Princess Diana was an inspiration, the way she reinvented her appearance, including her hair.

From an uninspiring, unremarkable, mousey haircut, she went on – with the help of some excellent hairdressers – to showcase a series of stylish hairdos, varied in texture and colour, but always chic and short.

See this array of photos from Pinterest – and from different countries – to see how her hair  styles were appreciated across the world. Even when the photos are accompanied by captions in foreign languages, it’s not hard to see how much her look was admired:

The length in itself was unusual for a princess – even a real life one, outside of the storybooks. Most princesses (real and fictional) have been notable for their flowing locks, which must have been difficult to tame and manage, but Diana was bold.

Even though many of us are tempted to ‘go short’, to emulate Diana or to find our own look. it can be too big a change to make to our own natural hair, and can seem too irrevocable. This is where Angel Wigs comes into its own.

As the leading wig supplier and stylist in Essex, we’re well placed to offer you a huge range of styles of wig, including many shorter choices.

Our short wigs come in a variety of colours and styles (including pixie cops, bobs and boy cuts) – and ‘shorter’ can really help show off your facial features to their best advantage. If you don’t know where to start, staff at our friendly salon will advise you about the best choice for your face shape, skin tone, style and personality.

Any ‘likes’ for Lumley’s ‘Purdey cut’?

(If you’re not sure, Angel Wigs has the answer).

Those of us who will admit to being ‘of a certain age’ will remember actress Joanna Lumley starring as the character ‘Purdey’ in the popular TV series ‘The Avengers’. A couple of previous ‘sidekicks’ to Patrick Macnee’s Steed – Cathy Gale and Emma Peel (Honor Blackman and Diana Rigg respectively) got their distinctive look from their clothing. But the sainted Joanna is best remembered for pioneering the Purdey cut in her role.

Many of us had a go at rocking that hairstyle, but with sometimes limited success. Minus Lumley’s cheekbones, lithe figure and general attractiveness – and, of course, good, easily-styled hair – it often (literally) fell flat on other women.

But now it’s back! This Mail online feature shows us how everyone from the Prime Minister Theresa May to actresses Helen Mirren and Keira Knightley are sporting their own version of the hairstyle. Take a look at the photos in this link below:

But alongside the photos sit many words of warning…In its original form, the Purdey was pretty unforgiving and even though it’s undergone a transformation since then, not everyone – not even the rich, famous and gorgeous (delete where appropriate) – ‘wears it well’.

Theresa May gets a particular ‘wigging’ (see what we did there?!) for grimly sticking to a grey thatch. And even though there are more kindly verdicts for the other famous faces, it’s clear it’s still not a style for the faint-hearted.

That’s not to say, though, that a few tweaks – making it a bit more casual and ruffled, being judicious about the colour you choose – couldn’t make it right for you, so, of course, the answer is a no-brainer: buy a wig!

Here at Angel Wigs’ friendly salon we have a massive range of wigs, including those in shorter styles. If you feel uncertain about what would suit you, come and try some on and let us guide and advise you about what is right for you. Walk in as ‘you’ – walk out as Purdey!

Grown-up Braids

Plait that!

No excuses for revisiting ‘braids’ as a topic again. They’re everywhere! If you’re of ‘a certain age’ in the UK you will have known them as ‘plaits’ and Boots’ Health & Beauty magazine made much of the trend in a recent edition (see link below). Although, confusingly, while the feature is headlined ‘Grown-up Braids’, the hairstyle is also referred to as ‘plaits’. And, slightly alarmingly, one plaited/braided style is referred to as the Braided ‘hun’!

Grown-up braids – June

So, if you’ve read the feature you’ll see that there are detailed instructions about how to achieve the various looks. And, golly, don’t they go on and on!

And one of the common worries people have when they subject their own, natural hair to certain styles is the damage it can do to their hair. This could be caused by some of the some of the tighter plaits, or perhaps by the infamous ‘Croydon facelift’ (where the hair is simply scraped back into a really tight ponytail so the face is stretched in a similar way to if it had had surgery – we’re talking about you, Cheryl Cole (as was), Vicky Pollard of Little Britain fame). If you’re not convinced, take a look at this scary article from the Femail section of the Daily Mail, in which it warns that such styles can not only damage your hair but also your scalp. ‘Traction alopecia’ (which can lead to bald patches), anyone?

So, you want to reflect the latest hair trends and feel like plaits/braids are for you (as the Boots’ magazine article demonstrates, they can suit all sorts of age groups) but don’t want to damage your hair or your scalp? The answer is here at Angel Wigs.

At our friendly salon in Canvey, we’ve got a huge choice of long wigs for you to pick from. They’re in a variety of styles but the straight ones will give you plenty of scope to plait that hair, giving you the up-to-the-minute look without damaging your own precious locks.

Frame your face with the ‘mom bob’

Just when you thought there were no new fashionable hairstyles under the sun, up pops the ‘mom bob’.

Well, it’s not really a new style, but an old/traditional one revisited. The ‘super savvy me’ website explains all in this link beauty-recommended

But here’s what you need to know about what it can do for you and about how it’s easiest to recreate it without drastically restyling your own hair by opting for a wig!

The ‘super savvy me’ site reckons that (1) ‘medium is the new long’ and (2) this bob could be the most flattering haircut ever! It rests on your shoulders, with enough length at the front to frame your face attractively, and, notes the site, it’s versatile – it looks fine whether you have soft curls, waves or sleek straight hair (naturally or when straightened). Plus, it’s long enough to wear ‘up’ and going for the chop to create it will remove some or all of your split ends.

There’s yet more advice about avoiding stiff hairsprays and mousses – but why go to all the effort of trying to force your natural hair into a style it doesn’t want to go into?

Why not create the look with a wig instead? There are still lots of styling options for it, no matter what style of wig you have bought, and there’s no putting your own, natural hair through any kind of torture.

At Angel Wigs we have a huge range of wigs in both human hair and quality synthetic fibres. The mid-length wigs at our salon are available in a variety of styles, including straight, wavy and curly. We’ll help you choose a colour and style to suit you – that ubiquitous ‘mom bob’ may NOT, in fact, suit everyone! What’s more our wigs can be cut and styled by our skilled stylists so you needn’t risk making a mess of your fabulous new purchase with your unskilled hands.


Join the ‘braidy bunch’ the easy way


Braids – or, as some of us more mature ladies used to call them, plaits – are in the news these days.


Not all of it is positive – poor Alice Eve (the actress daughter of fellow thespians Trevor ‘Shoestring’ Eve and Sharon Maughan) has been called out for ‘cultural appropriation’ after having her hair braided in a cornrows style on holiday (follow this link for the full story in The Sun online: ).


But on a happier note, model Kate Moss’s daughter Lila Grace has been named the new face of The Braid Bar, giving her the opportunity to show off some colourful examples of the fashion trend. See the full story on the Evening Standard online, via this link:


Of course, trends are just that – trendy. In other words, they don’t last. And you might not be sure if braids will suit you or if you’re too old for them (even though, of course, age is nothing but a number, you’re as old as you feel, and so on…). So an ideal solution is to buy a long wig – one that you can style to your heart’s content, with none of the damage that can be done to your natural hair by braiding/plaiting it.


And Angel Wigs should be your local port of call. We’re the leading wigs supplier and stylist in Essex. Feel free to browse, and remember that we offer free consultations in our friendly and relaxed salon environment.

Becoming an ice queen

Ice, ice, baby!

Just when you thought you were up to speed with the latest hair trends – enter ‘ice blonde’!

We’re not talking the warm, yellow tones of icons such as Marilyn Monroe here. Predictably, the popular kids’ film ‘Frozen’ is partly to blame. As if it wasn’t bad enough that   the song ‘Let It Go’ has become the most irritating earworm in history, now we’re expected to emulate the platinum locks of Princess Elsa.

OK, she’s not real (ssshhhhh! Don’t tell your children!) but now she seems to have spawned a welter of ice white locks among celebrities, with varying results. Here’s a rundown of some of the actresses and singers who have gone to the light side. Nicole Kidman was an originally a redhead, but with a sufficiently delicate, pale complexion, she’s rocking the pale, lemon-y blonde look. Surprisingly, the more olive-skinned Katy Perry’s newly blonde hair also looks great. Sienna Miller has simply gone blonder and it works. But Lily Allen and Kristen Stewart just look a bit weird (probably not helped by the customary miserable/grumpy expression sported by the latter).

Visit this link to The Mail on Sunday to see some more photos of lighter-haired ladies:

Of course, the elephant in the room – or, on your head – is the fact that, for most of us, to get your hair up to ‘Disney princess’ standard, you’d be risking wrecking it through use of chemicals. Even if it doesn’t immediately ruin the quality of your hair, you may be looking at damaged locks down the line.

How much better to come to someone like us, Angel Wigs, and get a quick ‘frosty fix’ by buying a product from our fabulous selection?

It doesn’t have to be a whole wig – although our experts will help you find the right one for you. It can be a hairpiece or an extension. Our friendly, local salon will ensure that you come away with a wonderful new look without risking any damage to your natural hair.

Why things DON’T always ‘go better with coke’…

Some of us will remember the catchy old advertising jingle which went “Things go better with Coca-Cola”. But that’s not always true…

Celebrity crimper Sam McKnight’s book ‘Hair by Sam McKnight’, published towards the end of last year, contains some – literally! – hair-raising tales, including his memories of the days when well-known stylists such as himself used all kinds of products, including Coca-Cola, to achieve a ‘set’ style.

To see such a look – and the hint that the sugary drink might have been involved in some cases – click the link below to a Daily Mail feature in which model Cindy Crawford is pictured in 1993 with an unusually sleek and masculine ‘do’:

Ms Crawford looks – as ever – totally fabulous. And you’d never know, without reading the accompanying text, that styles such as this one were often achieved using a solution of sugar and water or Coca-Cola!

This was because there were far fewer styling products in the ‘90s. And even though we are spoilt for choice these days, some of us just don’t like filling our hair with ‘guck’ and then having to lather away to wash it out.

A better choice is to come to Angel Wigs, to pick a wig – long or short, straight or curly – that suits you. Short styles have become increasingly popular and you’ll be surprised how your own hair – whether short or long, is easily concealed under one of our natural-looking wigs.

Our experts are here to give you considered, tailored advice about what suits you, taking into account your individual style and lifestyle.