Join the ‘braidy bunch’ the easy way


Braids – or, as some of us more mature ladies used to call them, plaits – are in the news these days.


Not all of it is positive – poor Alice Eve (the actress daughter of fellow thespians Trevor ‘Shoestring’ Eve and Sharon Maughan) has been called out for ‘cultural appropriation’ after having her hair braided in a cornrows style on holiday (follow this link for the full story in The Sun online: ).


But on a happier note, model Kate Moss’s daughter Lila Grace has been named the new face of The Braid Bar, giving her the opportunity to show off some colourful examples of the fashion trend. See the full story on the Evening Standard online, via this link:


Of course, trends are just that – trendy. In other words, they don’t last. And you might not be sure if braids will suit you or if you’re too old for them (even though, of course, age is nothing but a number, you’re as old as you feel, and so on…). So an ideal solution is to buy a long wig – one that you can style to your heart’s content, with none of the damage that can be done to your natural hair by braiding/plaiting it.


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