Just when you thought there were no new fashionable hairstyles under the sun, up pops the ‘mom bob’.

Well, it’s not really a new style, but an old/traditional one revisited. The ‘super savvy me’ website explains all in this link beauty-recommended

But here’s what you need to know about what it can do for you and about how it’s easiest to recreate it without drastically restyling your own hair by opting for a wig!

The ‘super savvy me’ site reckons that (1) ‘medium is the new long’ and (2) this bob could be the most flattering haircut ever! It rests on your shoulders, with enough length at the front to frame your face attractively, and, notes the site, it’s versatile – it looks fine whether you have soft curls, waves or sleek straight hair (naturally or when straightened). Plus, it’s long enough to wear ‘up’ and going for the chop to create it will remove some or all of your split ends.

There’s yet more advice about avoiding stiff hairsprays and mousses – but why go to all the effort of trying to force your natural hair into a style it doesn’t want to go into?

Why not create the look with a wig instead? There are still lots of styling options for it, no matter what style of wig you have bought, and there’s no putting your own, natural hair through any kind of torture.

At Angel Wigs we have a huge range of wigs in both human hair and quality synthetic fibres. The mid-length wigs at our salon are available in a variety of styles, including straight, wavy and curly. We’ll help you choose a colour and style to suit you – that ubiquitous ‘mom bob’ may NOT, in fact, suit everyone! What’s more our wigs can be cut and styled by our skilled stylists so you needn’t risk making a mess of your fabulous new purchase with your unskilled hands.

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