Plait that!

No excuses for revisiting ‘braids’ as a topic again. They’re everywhere! If you’re of ‘a certain age’ in the UK you will have known them as ‘plaits’ and Boots’ Health & Beauty magazine made much of the trend in a recent edition (see link below). Although, confusingly, while the feature is headlined ‘Grown-up Braids’, the hairstyle is also referred to as ‘plaits’. And, slightly alarmingly, one plaited/braided style is referred to as the Braided ‘hun’!

Grown-up braids – June

So, if you’ve read the feature you’ll see that there are detailed instructions about how to achieve the various looks. And, golly, don’t they go on and on!

And one of the common worries people have when they subject their own, natural hair to certain styles is the damage it can do to their hair. This could be caused by some of the some of the tighter plaits, or perhaps by the infamous ‘Croydon facelift’ (where the hair is simply scraped back into a really tight ponytail so the face is stretched in a similar way to if it had had surgery – we’re talking about you, Cheryl Cole (as was), Vicky Pollard of Little Britain fame). If you’re not convinced, take a look at this scary article from the Femail section of the Daily Mail, in which it warns that such styles can not only damage your hair but also your scalp. ‘Traction alopecia’ (which can lead to bald patches), anyone?

So, you want to reflect the latest hair trends and feel like plaits/braids are for you (as the Boots’ magazine article demonstrates, they can suit all sorts of age groups) but don’t want to damage your hair or your scalp? The answer is here at Angel Wigs.

At our friendly salon in Canvey, we’ve got a huge choice of long wigs for you to pick from. They’re in a variety of styles but the straight ones will give you plenty of scope to plait that hair, giving you the up-to-the-minute look without damaging your own precious locks.