We supply a range of hair accessories ranging from drawstring ponytails, and clip-in fringes and buns, to head scarves, all designed to have a secure fit and help you achieve your desired look. We can assist you with colour matching the product to your natural hair and can advise you on styling so as you can produce multiple looks with just one product!

You can transform and enhance your natural hair style with our synthetic attachable hair accessories and specialty headware. They are the perfect way to achieve a statement style and maximum volume for daytime or evening wear.

Head Scarves

Head scarves are extremely beneficial to anyone who wants to disguise hair loss, cover their scalp or hair line, or any special occasion. We supply scarves, hats and turbans in various designs and fabrics that are comfortable and easy to wear every day. They are designed to be secure and stay on without slipping or coming undone and make great alternatives to wigs.

Clip in Buns, Extensions and Wrap Ponytails

Our new clip in bun is an instant and easy fashion forward hair transformation. It can be worn as a classic neat bun or tousle the hairs and place it higher on your head for a ‘messy’ top knot look. Contact us today for more information about our extensions and hair accessories or visit us for assistance and advice.