Mid-length wigs or medium wigs are hair pieces that sit slightly above shoulder length to slightly below the shoulders. They are amazing at slimming the face and neck, and accentuating facial features.

(previews of mid-length or medium wigs available at our salon)

Our range of mid-length or medium wigs at the salon come in many styles from straight, wavy to curly and help ladies make every day a great hair day. Whilst you’re at the salon, we will suggest a wig in a style and colour that will make your facial features the focal point. The extra length you get from mid-length wigs means they can then be transformed into a range of styles; feathered-in around the face, choppy layers, elegant curls or even beautiful up-dos.

We have wigs that are available in quality synthetic hair fibers and human hair; that can be cut and styled to exactly how you want it by our skilled stylists to give a very natural look. Our women’s mid-length quality wigs are from top wig brands such as Raquel Welch, Gisela Mayer, Trendco and more.

Do you own a wig that needs a bit of personalisation? Bring it in for a cut, colour or restyle and let us transform it into your ideal hair piece!