Short wigs are perfect for drawing attention to facial features. They can help frame your face and define your jawline.

(previews of short wigs available at our salon)

If you own a range of long haired wigs and have always stuck with the ‘long haired look’ however wanted to try something dramatic and new, why not take a short cut and go for a shorter style? Short hair masks initial hair loss better and is easier to maintain and style yourself.At our salon we have many short wigs that sit above the shoulder; Pixie crops, graduated bobs and boy cuts are some styles that are available. Short hair, pixie crops, bobs and boy cut wigs allow women to stay trendy with a modern look. Our short high fashion quality wigs are from top wig brands such as Raquel Welch, Gisela Mayer, Trendco and more.
We supply wigs that are available in human hair as well as high quality synthetic hair fibers – today’s specialized fiber processing and blending techniques give synthetic hair wigs a look that looks as natural and feels as realistic as real human hair.

We are here to advise you on shorter styles that will compliment your face shape in a colour that will make your complexion ‘pop’ during the consultation process. Our short haired wigs offer men and women the opportunity to have a shorter hair length in a personalised style that that will make you look good, feel good, and award you with a boost in confidence.