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Go Ginger!

Although we’ve (hopefully) moved on from

when being ginger-haired made youngsters the butt of ‘carrot-top’ jokes at school, it’s never been the easiest hair colour to have.

But with a lot of famous faces (leaving out Fergie – as in the disgraced ‘royal’, not the singer) now rocking various shades of ginger or red, perhaps it’s time to reconsider and to indulge in a new, ginger look the easy way, by trying out a wig, have a look around our shop!

Celebrities including actresses Emma Stone, Catherine Tate, Julianne Moore and Christina ‘Mad Men’ Hendricks are among those who look glorious with their gingery, reddish locks, whether real or dyed. If you’ve been inspired by their look you may fancy trying it out for yourself, but even for those of you with the appropriately pale and ‘English rose’ complexions, it’s not always that easy.

You might assume, for instance, that if you’ve got naturally blonde hair it will be easy to go from blonde to ginger, but think again, as it could potentially take an awful lot of damaging stripping (of colour) and dyeing and you may not like what you see at the end of the process, never mind the stress it’s put on the condition of your hair.

Whether it's features in the press which have inspired you or whether you want to understand how it feels having those 8 genetic differences which give people red hair, do it the easy way. At Angel Wigs you can take advantage of one of our free consultations to find out how a warm and exciting new hair colour – and one that you can ‘take on and off’ – could change your look in a jiffy.

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