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The Emerson wig from the Noriko collection is an incredibly stunning, modern and short style. This popular cropped 'elfin' look is timeless and one of the office favourites. We can ensure this wig will be a winner!

The TOP & CROWN area of this wig has a closed, flower net material section. This has been expertly designed to allow the volume at this area to stay with you throughout the day, without dropping. There is also a soft FINISHING strip at the edge of the wig, so that it will sit comfortably against your skin. The crown layers are slightly longer which cleverly softens the overall effect of this pretty wig.

The fringe is 11cm, which will sit just below the brow. A flattering fringe length which will softly frame your eyes. The side layers fall in front of your ears, gently contouring into a subtle point. The fringe and the side layers are balanced out beautifully by the subtle volume at the crown area. This gentle height is built into the style, so there is no need to worry that it will drop throughout the day.

The layers towards the back will sit sweetly and closely to the nape. It is a soft and cropped outline that will give you a lovely silhouette. The Emerson is pretty and lightweight. 


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